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I own several websites, on each one of them, I state, very clearly, No Overseas Outsourcing, meaning No Indian Developers. Do you think they read? Absolutely no.

Indian Developers are known for their cheap labor; many think that they provide a good job for little money. Unfortunately is not so easy. First of all Indian Developers (especially Web Developers) disregard completely laws about copyright. When they design a website often use copyrighted images. These days, Stock Photo Agencies have implemented a new business model: going after small mom and pop shops for using copyrighted material. I am not condoning the practice of stealing materials from the rightful owner, but please do not use bully tactics with small companies. As I was saying, these small companies usually resort to Indian Developers, in order to get a website for a reasonable amount of money. Once one of these stock photo agencies knock at your door (usually threatening you with a federal lawsuit), those same Indians who were paid money for their sloppy job, disappear.

The other big issues is communication. Although English is the language for business officially adopted in India, their English is very poor. Their manners are not any better either. Do you recall about my websites stating “no Indians”? Well guess what? They bomb me with their absurd business proposals. I am copying here an email I received this morning:

Hi Sir
Hope you are well
We are web development company. We are working on web development technologies.
We develop job portal, social networking sites, online hotel booking, ecommerce ,Content Management system and blog development websites.
We have 45 skilled person in my company. If you want to hire offshore partner for your project development Please contact us. We are charge 15$ per hour.
You can skype me xxxx.yyyy  or mail me xxx@yyy.com
Waiting for your positive response.

As you can see, no physical address, no info whatsoever and very poor  communication skills (close to rudeness); at least they have their own domain name, not the usual gmail address.  But hey, they “are charge 15$ per hour” (sic)! From a company with supposedly 45 skilled people in his (note he wrote “my company”, BIG RED FLAG) I should expect a better English. I never hired Indian Developers and I will never do it; I value my customers. They are in good company with Indian Recruiters.

I would like to have a feedback (not from Indians, thank you) about this category of time wasters.

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