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I have been using WordPress for a few years now to build websites and blogs. WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform; it is now a full fledged CMS (content management system). Building a WordPress website or blog is not hard at all; building a successful one is harder, but doable. With this series of articles I will explain how I built a website using WordPress. I am an expert in Internet marketing; I have built several successful websites, all of them optimized for search engines. This is NOT a WordPress course; I will assume you have some experience with this platform. We will explore together how I build a real website for a real, local business.

So what is the business I am talking about? Well, an Italian friend and I have decided to build a brick and mortar business promoting one of the best things developed by Italians, beside the famous Ferrari cars: Italian Artisan Gelato. I recently moved to Oklahoma City and I decided not only to continue my experience with web design, but also to create something sweet and tasty, Gelato. To cut the story short, we¬† have incorporated the business as Roma’s Gelato LLC. Now, can a web nut have a brick and mortar business and not to design a website? I hope you answered NO to this question. I bought a domain name for my company of course: www.RomasGelato.com. To be exact we found the right domain name first, then we incorporated the company using a similar name. It seems counter intuitive, but this is the best way of doing things. The domain name must be short, give your audience an idea of what the website is about, and avoid domain names that can be easily misspelled. The choice of Roma (the name of the Capital of Italy in its original Italian form) is not prone to misspelling, and being in Italian it should convey the idea that the company is 100% Italian. Gelato, well, it’s the core product of this venture. Usually a business is already formed when you decide to build a website and this might complicate a bit the search for the right domain name; often what you want has already been taken by somebody else. For today I have written enough and I am giving you, my readers, who are always welcome to leave comments, an idea of what you should expect for the next few weeks.

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The website of Roma’s Gelato is still under construction and so it will look strange for a while; I will build it and at the same time I will explain what I am doing. Enjoy!


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