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Here we are! Many Americans know Bruschetta very well and love it; unfortunately the pronunciation is completely wrong (I heard the correct pronunciation only once on the TV show “Everybody Loves Raymond”).

The Italian alphabet has only 21 letters; we do not use these letters: j, k, x, y, w. We really don’t need those letters, because we have the equivalent using other letters. If you examine the word Brus(ch)etta, the two letters between brackets (ch), sound exactly like the letter k in the regular (26 letter) alphabet, so you should pronounce this word like this: Brusketta. The final touch to perfection is this one. The tonic accent of the e following the ch, should be close as in early not as in Evelyn; I hope everything is clear. Usually American people pronounce an “open” e; why? Because the majority of Italian immigrants in the US come from the south of Italy and their dialect uses an “open” e for Bruschetta; by the way the Italian e sounds like the American a (as in apple). The correct Italian pronunciation comes from Tuscany; most other regions have the wrong accent.

This icon opens an audio file with the correct pronunciation of Bruschetta.

Here you can find the recipe for Bruschetta

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