02 Apr 2008 @ 10:16 AM 

Have you ever eaten in an Italian restaurant in the US? 99% of the time you ate everything but Italian. What about Italian Food Books? The situation is not much better.

Unfortunately people have a distorted idea of Italian recipes. For this reason I decided to write an eBook about Italian food. First of all, let me say that Italians emigrated in the US are usually form Southern Italy (Sicily, Campania and Calabria), while the most recognized places for good Italian cooking are in the Central Italy (Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Liguria and Umbria).

The second and most important issue, is that restaurant owners often change their recipes in order to “Americanize” them. Nothing wrong with this, just do not say “Italian”, because it is not. I found also many “Italian” restaurants not owned by Italians, and even chains (don’t ask me to name names) with an Italian sounding name, but of course you can forget the taste of Italy; Italy sells even when a not Italian product is publicized. Expresso does not exist (it’s called Espresso), cappuccino is made in a different way than here in the US, and Mocha has nothing to do with the Italian Moka, which is a home made coffee; Espresso machines in the past were extremely expensive so almost nobody in Italy used them at home. The Moka coffee machine (usually we use the Bialetti brand), makes a different, still strong coffee.

Next few days I will publish a few photos of food made by myself, because I would like to have comments about this idea.

One last note. The better cooking is the simple one; fancy recipes make famous chef, well famous, but they have nothing to do with real life. See you soon with some “tasty” photos!

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