13 Mar 2008 @ 8:44 AM 

It’s true, people don’t read. I don’t know if they are not able to, or if they simply search for “keywords” or what. I have published in the same category, but different sub-category, what happened to me in my job search. Something is related with National Origin Discrimination, something with issues related with “recruiters” and “staffing agencies”. Now it’s time to expose the idiocy of some of them.

Well, searching for a job, I posted a nice ad on Craig’s List. This is the link to my original ad:

Everything written in bold is intended as an advice, something to pay attention to. Guess what? Things in bold are the irresistible call to action for idiots. Can you see that I am not willing to take a job as a programmer? You can bet I receive at least 30% of requests as programmer. Can you feel that I am an IT expert? The other day an idiot called me from NYC asking if I was willing to drive a truck with a sign publicizing her services. Where the heck have you seen that I am a truck driver? There are a few more “pearls”. Since I am willing to work even in a different city, I publish my advertisement in cities such as New York or Washington DC among others; for this reason I write (in bold of course), that I am willing to relocate from North Carolina; guess what? Since the advertisement is published in the New York section of Craig’s List, people assume that I live there. I don’t even call them idiots, because idiots might be offended. Another “pearl”? In my advertisement I write: “Currently developing skills in Web 2.0 (Ruby on Rails and AJAX)”, this time not in bold. What does in your opinion mean “Currently developing”? That I am not an expert, but since I have an open mind I am teaching myself how to design Web applications using Ruby on Rails and Ajax; I cannot count the times somebody proposed me a job requiring at least 5-7 years of Ruby on Rails experience. By the way according to Wikipedia, Ruby on Rails was first released to the public in July 2004, so at most you may have 3.5 years experience on it; Ruby as a language was released earlier, but used by nobody, because it was missing a framework (Rails). They search for technical people not even knowing what they are talking about. Are you still wondering for what happened to me? Out of 10 job proposals, 9 are absolutely not related with my skills and desires; skills and desires are clearly stated on my advertisement. This means that 9 out of 10 recruiters, need to go back to school! Maybe somebody can teach them the basics of reading. I am getting really tired of these idiots!

The majority of “recruiters” proposed the usual scam known as temp-to-hire, or contractor position. They seem to be in denial with their absurd contracts. I talk about this in my blog.

P.s. The most recent “pearl”. In my advertisement I clearly state this: “Bi-lingual (Italian mother tongue and fluent in English). Authorized to work for any employer in the US (no sponsorship needed)”. Do recruiters know that Italian is not Spanish or that I am a so called “green card holder” and not a citizen of the United States of America? And by the way most of the jobs they “think” (I put think between quotes, because they cannot think) require the US citizenship, simply require to be legal immigrants, as I am!

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