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After more than one year developing SEO solutions for customers (previously I did this for my websites only), I decided to introduce a new even more affordable SEO solution. Search Engine Optimization is always an expensive proposition. It has many advantages, such as: clicks don’t cost a cent (did you ever use pay per click?), positioning tends to be persistent, there is a higher trust for organic listings and ROI (return on investment) is much better.

Unfortunately the cost of creating and maintaining a serious SEO strategy can be stiff. SEO requires many hours of manual work; it’s true that there are several automated softwares, but no software can be creative and SEO is a mix of creativity and technology. A certified Search Engine specialist (and I am one of them) has a price; mine is around $70 per hour. A real SEO solution requires many, many hours of work and it is not a one time deal: SEO is something that evolves with time. This is the reason why SEO is a costly proposition and only a few companies can afford it. Even outsourcing to India is not a good idea. Communications can be difficult, they have a different business culture etc.

For these reasons I created a new, affordable Search Engine Optimization package. This is a standardized solution and for this reason it cannot be compared to a traditional SEO campaign. But here the good news! For a fraction of the cost, I can help your website attaining a better organic positioning on major Search Engines. I am going to create for you about 15 pages optimized and content rich  (content is king in SEO). I am including even the installation on your website of these pages. Your visibility will dramatically increase, especially if you are a local business. I am going to create a few (15-30) links from well respected directories (one way incoming links is another important step) and I will create sitemaps for your website. Sitemaps are important for Search Engines; this is the best way to help a Search Engine to index all your content. The cost for this service, called SmartPack, is only $999.00.

If you need even more visibility, I designed an additional package that put at work the so called Web 2.0. What is Web 2.0? Let me clear the field here. Web 2.0 does not exist. This term was created in order to give the perception that it is an evolution of the traditional Web. Without being too technical we can say that with new Web technologies it’s possible to design an interactive website. These technologies are used by Social Media Networks such as Digg, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube etc. One of the new ways to do Search Engine Marketing (and Optimization) is using these specialized media in order to promote your website; this service can be ordered as standalone or combined with the SmartPack. The cost of this service, called Web 2.0, is $719.00.

If you order at the same time both these services, the cost is only $1,599.00.

If you want to place an order, please go to our page for SEO services. There you will find a description of this service and the link to the order form.

Please note that:

  • these services cannot be as powerful as what I call a real SEO strategy. There is a reason why they cost much less!
  • there is no guarantee of success. In SEO nobody can guarantee anything. If not illegal, making such promises would be at least unethical;
  • we accept orders only from the United States. This is not racism, it’s protecting our business from frauds;
  • due to the nature and the very good price of these services we won’t accept credit card payments. Only personal checks and bank transfers. We are incorporated as LLC with a physical address in the US, so you are protected by American laws. Once we deliver our services we cannot “withdraw” them, but the customer still can dispute a credit card charge; this would be a good deal for the Customer (having a high value service for free) but not so good for us. Since the business is conducted on-line, credit card companies quickly charge us back without even contacting us. I personally don’t work for free, nor I have time to collect money.
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